Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

beauty experience Inc. takes the following measures to protect personal information supplied by customers and trading partners in accordance with laws, regulations and other standards concerning the protection of personal information and independent rules and systems established by the company.

  1. beauty experience Inc. has established Personal Information Management Regulations. All employees of the company (including general directors, part time employees and temporary employees) and other concerned parties are made thoroughly aware of these regulations, and the regulations are executed, improved and maintained accordingly.
  2. beauty experience Inc. takes appropriate information security measures, such as measures against unauthorized access and measures against computer viruses, to prevent loss, destruction, alteration or leaking of personal information.
  3. beauty experience Inc. acquires personal information by appropriate and fair methods. In addition to not acquiring personal information by dishonest means, beauty experience Inc. either receives the consent of each subject (the party to whom the personal information belongs) or provides necessary information via our website concerning matters such as how the personal information will be used.
  4. In the event that beauty experience Inc. acquires personal information indirectly, beauty experience Inc. verifies whether the personal information was acquired from the subject by the supplier in an appropriate manner, and provides necessary information such as how the personal information will be used via our website.
  5. beauty experience Inc. acknowledges the right of each subject (the party to whom the personal information belongs) to disclose, modify, cease use of or remove personal information, and will respond to such requests from subjects without objection.
  6. In the event that beauty experience Inc. shares personal information with a third party or entrusts personal information to a third party for the purpose of outsourcing work, beauty experience Inc. will investigate the third party, conclude all necessary agreements, and take all other measures deemed necessary according to laws and regulations.
  7. The following specific principles have been established for collection and handling of personal information.
    Principles for Use of Personal Information

    Personal information shall be used only for the purposes stated when collecting the information, only by those given express authority for specific duties, and only to the extent necessary for those duties.


    ・In principle, personal information shall not be supplied to third parties.
    ・Personal information shall not be leaked by means such as usage for purposes other than those stated, removal from the standard area of use, or sending to an external location.
    ・Information obtained during the course of beauty experience Inc. employees’ work shall not be disclosed to a third party without due care, nor used for unauthorized purposes, by the employees. The same rule applies after the employees leave beauty experience Inc., and the necessary measures shall be taken.
    ・Certain forms of sensitive personal information shall not be collected, used or supplied.

Toshihiro Fukui
CEO, beauty experience Inc.

Handling of Personal Information

beauty experience Inc. has established guidelines for the handling of personal information received from customers. “Personal information” refers to information that can be used to identify the customer.
Information that can be used to identify  the customer includes the customer’s name, date of birth, age, telephone number, email address and address. Personal information may be registered in cases such as sending prizes to customers for their participation in a questionnaire or as part of a free gift campaign, sending seminar information by means such as email magazines or handling inquiries from customers about products. This information will be used to verify your identity, send items and/or improve our services and products, and registered information will not be disclosed or supplied to a third party without your consent.
Registered information will also never be used for purposes such as sales activities. If, for any reason, you wish to modify or erase personal information that you have registered to beauty experience Inc. for purposes such as questionnaires, you can contact us by means such as a letter or email and we will respond to their request. If you temporarily register personal information to beauty experience Inc. via our website for purposes such as a questionnaire or free gift campaign, we promise to erase the information after the questionnaire or campaign is over.

Personal Information Inquiry

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